Photo of the Week: Texas Capitol (inside)

Posted by Adrienne on June 5, 2013 under Uncategorized | Be the First to Comment

A bonus state capitol photo! The state capitol building in Texas has a series of seals on the floor of its rotunda:


From Waco and Austin

The seals represent the six countries that have had control over what is now Texas. They are:

  • France (top right, blue with three fleur-de-lis)

  • Spain ( middle right, red and white with two lions and two castles)

  • Mexico (top left, eagle with green cactus on a blue background)

  • Republic of Texas (middle, white star with green wreaths)

  • Confederate States of America ( middle left, blue with white wreath and figure on horseback)

  • United States (bottom, eagle with stars and stripes shield)

These six seals show up in other places in the capitol too. This is the first capitol we’ve visited that has had symbols of other countries featured so prominently; it’s an interesting change from other states.

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