Photo of the Week: License Plate Baseball Art

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If you come in the Right Field entrance at Seattle’s SAFECO Field, this is what you will see:


From Ballparks

The logos of American League baseball teams, as they were in 1999, when the stadium opened. Most of the logos are the same, but there have been a few changes since ’99. The Tampa Bay club is now just the “Rays” instead of the “Devil Rays” (top row, second from right). The star-in-circle logo that the Rangers used in ’99 is rarely used these days (second row, first from left). The Blue Jays have a different jay head and a different maple leaf now (third row, first from right). And the Angels have gotten rid of the wings and the blue (bottom row, second from right). But out of 14 clubs*, 10 use the same logo today as they did in 1999.

The logos are backed by the license plate of the state (or province) the team plays in. The Blue Jays logo is on Ontario plates, for example. And since the Royals play in Missouri (despite being the Kansas City Royals), their logo is on Show Me State plates. It is an interesting and unique piece of baseball-themed art; we’ve visited 25 other major league stadiums, and have yet to see something quite like it!

* Of course, today’s American League has 15 teams: the Astros were added at the beginning of the 2013 season. They’ve changed their logo since 1999. So perhaps it’s 10 of 15 teams. It’s still an impressively large number.

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