This blog contains the musings of Adrienne and Josh (hereafter referred to as Adrienne and Josh, respectively).

Why Intemporal?

Intemporal is taken directly from cheap winter gloves bought in Taiwan that read: “Intemporal, Let’s Go To Snow!” That, and it sounds cool. Do you know anyone else with a name this cool? We didn’t think so.

A Little More About Us…

Adrienne works at a library, loves to read and has recently completed her masters degree in library science. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she enjoys video games, Stargate, and rooting for her five big teams: the Mariners, the Seahawks, Sounders FC, Arsenal and her alma mater Falcons. You can expect ramblings on each and every one of these subjects in this space.

Josh works with computers, both at home and in the office. He loves video games, especially the turn-based strategy genre, long and involved board games like Twilight Imperium, and watching Stargate and MLB Network. He roots for the Brewers, the Packers, and Sounders FC, even when these teams are not playing. Josh built this website from the ground (?) up and in the unlikely event of a technical difficulty, he’s the one responsible.

Adrienne and Josh got married in July of 2006. Check out the pictures portion of the website to see photos of the happy day, and other adventures.

If you are having any technical difficulties with this site, please send an e-mail to intemporal.admin -at- gmail (dot) com.